LadderTech partners with Ingenuity

As the latest programme gets underway, we’ve partnered with Ingenuity at The University of Nottingham to take their mentoring and collaboration online.

Ingenuity champions impact through enterprise, cultivating and nurturing start-ups and initiatives that have the potential to deliver tangible and sustainable social impact across the UK. This year, participants have the opportunity to choose between four challenge pathways that explore methods of implementing social change.

  • Create Prosperity, focussed on improving financial inclusion and resilience.
  • Build Community, geared towards creating more inclusive and accessible communities.
  • Improve Health, committed to tackling healthy inequalities and and providing health security.
  • Tackle Climate Change, focussed on increasing sustainability and evolving the way we live.

Visit the Ingenuity website to read more about the amazing work they’re doing!

Due to the impact of COVID 19, this year the Ingenuity team have been unable to deliver the programme through its usual channels, and have partnered with LadderTech to take their mentoring processes and collaboration online.

LadderTech forms part of Indigo Mentoring, founded by University of Nottingham Graduate James Doherty in 2017, and is focussed on increasing connectivity within business communities by enabling online communication. Through its open platform, LadderTech connects new entrepreneurs and start-ups with business mentors and professionals, helping make professional services more accessible for those just starting out in business. LadderTech also creates private online communities to support business programmes and initiatives in taking their communications online.

‘We’re really excited to be working with Ingenuity; as members of the Ingenuity Lab and friends of the university’s business community its great to be able to help support this fantastic programme.”

– James Doherty, Founder at Indigo Mentoring.

As long term members of the University’s Ingenuity Lab, Indigo have partnered with Ingenuity to take their mentoring process online. Using LadderTech, Ingenuity members will be able to communicate online with others in their cohort, sharing ideas and inspiration. Crucially, participants will be able to collaborate with their groups and mentors to help create solutions to Ingenuity’s challenge pathways. With members unable to meet in person, staying connected has never been more important.

Sounds interesting?

If you’d like to chat to Indigo about creating your own free, private community, please get in touch via

You can also sign up for free to our open mentoring platform here.

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