3 Reasons a blog is a must-have for your marketing strategy

Whether you’re a software start-up or a family-owned cake company, the value of having a good blog in your marketing strategy is immeasurable.

For most start-up and business owners, a blog probably feels like the last thing on your list of priorities. When you have employees to manage, accounts to deal with and clients to acquire, who really has time to write articles? You’re not in journalism, after all. But – a blog is actually a lot more than just a few words on a page, and it really can be invaluable in growing your business.

Boosting your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is probably one of the most confusing and yet important terms you’re ever going to come across on your start-up journey. Even if you haven’t quite gotten your head around it, one of the easiest ways you have of boosting your SEO is through blogging (yes, really).

Regular posting to your blog keeps your website updated, which is one of the key indicators search engines use when determining your web rankings. Not only this, but a well-optimised blog can help you show up in more results! Using tools like key words and tags enable your blog posts to show up in search results outside of your immediate sector, meaning you reach more people. Another thing search engines look for is the number of site visitors you get, and how long they stay on your site for. Interesting blog posts mean more people are likely to click onto your website – and stay on it for longer!

The importance of valuable blog content

You’ve probably heard of the 60/40 rule of marketing – this is the idea that 40% of your marketing should be geared directly towards immediate sales, and 60% on longer-term brand building. This rule works because your audience don’t like to be sold to all the time – it’s transparent and it gets boring. The 60% should be focussed on useful, entertaining or informative content relating more generally to your sector/ industry.

One of the easiest ways of achieving this? You guessed it, blog posts! Whether you’re interviewing leaders in your industry, ranking products or simply offering advice – a good blog ensures you’re keeping your audience engaged, and building your brand in the long term.

Establishing expertise and building trust

Your blog can also be hugely helpful in establishing you/ your business as an expert in the industry. Alongside testimonials and market research, blog posts can help you stand out as someone who really knows what they’re talking about. My two favourite ways of achieving this are through sharing industry research and news, and offering some free advice. The bonus for that second one is that more often than not it leaves your audience wanting to hear more.

Lastly, blogging can be hugely helpful in building trusting relationships with your audience. Whether its a ‘Meet the Team’ blog, an interview with your CEO or a story about how you got started, a blog can humanise you, making your customers feel more connected.

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