Introducing LadderTech

Starting your own business? It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s hard work. There’s a reason that 90% of start-ups fail, and its not because they’re bad at what they do. Often, its because they’re so good at what they do, that they don’t think of the other things they need to run a business. At a time when connectivity is more challenging (and yet more important) than ever, what can we do to make sure start-ups get the support they need? Sometimes, its right under their nose.

LadderTech was founded as a response to the need for better connectivity within and amongst business communities. Entreprenuers are really good at what they do – but, for most of them, its all they know. They have no idea how to incorporate a company, how to do their taxes, how to copyright a brand – they just know that they have an idea. Too often, brilliant start-ups fail simply because they fall at what would otherwise be easy hurdles to overcome, if only they knew how. Or, if they knew someone who could help. In other words – a mentor.

LadderTech makes sure they can access the support they need. We connect young start-ups and business people with their wider business community, matching them with professional service providers in their area who can help them with those day to day problems that might seem insurmountable when facing them on their own. By connecting the new business person with someone who can show them how to incorporate their company, how to do their taxes or even where to find a graphic designer, we help them climb the next rung on the ladder. What’s more, it all happens online – staying connected is easier than ever.

And for mentors, its not only about giving something back. LadderTech helps lawyers, accountants, designers and everyone in between connect with the newest generation in business, gathering testimonials, making contacts and building business relationships that can last a lifetime.

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